About Us


Launched in 2007, Eveve is a leading supplier of restaurant reservation systems. Having seated four million online diners with client restaurants, Eveve is the largest independently owned company in the space, and has operations on four continents. The company is currently the second largest supplier in the United States by online reservations volume, where it manages about half of its reservations; is the foremost supplier in New Zealand and Chile; and third largest in the UK. Eveve supports 780 restaurants across eleven countries in total.

Eveve's live restaurant booking system, Telos, has evolved over nine years to become the most accomplished restaurant booking system available on the market today. Telos' latest version 7 is unrivalled in terms of ease of use, breadth of functionality, yield maximisation and management metrics. What really sets Eveve apart is its ability to customise the product for the individual restaurant's needs, and the professionalism of our team, many of whom have been with the company for years. Eveve's cloud based solutions make our cutting edge metrics available to the restaurateur at any time, in any location with an internet connection.

Eveve specialises in high volume, busy restaurants, and works with some of the busiest full table service restaurants anywhere. Telos has been tested in restaurants managing as many as 2,000 diners per day, across as many as 15 host machines, and proven that it can withstand the most intense restaurant environments.

Telos is used to manage some of America's busiest restaurants such as Bar La Grassa and Smack Shack in Minnesota; Black and Blue Steakhouses in Los Angeles; Fresh Fish in Denver; and Brasserie 19 and Benjy's in Houston. It is also deployed in some of the Nation's most acclaimed venues including James Beard winners 112 Eatery, MN and Vingenzo's, GA; and 2014 nominees Fresh Fish and Barley Swine. Eveve is also trusted by chains such as The Melting Pot, Axel's, Clark Cooper Concepts, the Black and Blue group and Azuma.

Internationally, Eveve helps 300 restaurants in New Zealand maximise their reservations including almost all of the country's top dining destinations, such as Clooney, Logan Brown, the world-renowned Millbrook Resort and the Pack Group (New Zealand's pre-eminent restaurant operation). Chile's most booked restaurant, and preferred by tourists including The Rolling Stones, Mestizo choose Eveve as the premier Spanish language solution available, to handle their unique operations. In Europe, Eveve manages over 300 restaurants across the UK, Spain, Greece and Ireland, including top Michelin starred restaurants.

Each Eveve client restaurant has their own designated account manager, who is tasked with making sure that the restaurant not only uses Telos for its day to day operations, but that they really exploit it to its full capacity. Our professional team, many of whom have worked in some of the world's top restaurants or software companies, are adept at analysing restaurants from a holistic standpoint to identify new opportunities for revenue maximisation, and in some cases Eveve's consultative approach has boosted revenues at our partners by as much as 15%.

Eveve is owned by the Ryan family, a relative anomaly in a restaurant reservations industry dominated by Venture Capital and Silicon valley start ups. Eveve has no debt and has grown organically from humble origins in Edinburgh, Scotland, to become one of the four largest reservations suppliers in the world. Being privately held, the company always focuses on the long term client relationship, never on short term profit.