Epos Linked with online bookings

Eveve provide cutting edge Electronic Point of Sale for restaurants (EPOS). There are many advantages to computerising your tills, specifically

Enter Information Correctly

Formalise the process of till entry to reduce errors and improve the quality of information.

Easy to Learn and Fast to Change

The system is intuitive and easy to use and prices can be changed easily, at the click of a button.

Output Valuable Data

Automated sales reports provide accurate management information, saving administration and improving margins.

Why Eveve EPOS is unique

What sets Eveve EPOS apart from the competition is its integration with our table management systems, including Client Relationship Management. The benefits of integrating EPOS with table management are:

Avoid Duplication of Work

As a tab is opened or closed at the bar, a table is automatically closed or opened, respectively. The till system is aware of all upcoming bookings (internet/telephone or walk-in) to avoid double bookings.

Powerful Management Information

The integration of the EPOS and CRM databases allow the restaurateur to integrate information on who is eating and what they are spending, to give unparalleled management information.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

An integrated CRM and EPOS system can help you remember those little extras that separate good from excellent customer service. For example, someone’s preference for Bordeaux or a specific type of Whiskey.