Restaurant Booking Systems


Eveve provide the World’s most dynamic live restaurant booking systems. The two key components of the restaurant reservation system are the live table management system and the live booking pages. The former manages your restaurant’s availability for the latter, which is a conduit for new restaurant bookings.

We recognise that every restaurant is different, and we suit our systems to your restaurant – not the other way around. Some restaurants are looking to take advantage of structured online bookings, but do not need extensive table management. Other restaurants seek the opposite. Whatever your restaurant’s needs, it is likely we can accommodate them.

We provide two types of booking systems, which in their various modified states, can cater for most restaurants’ needs.


The restaurant continues to use a paper diary, allocating a number of tables for online. If these tables are otherwise used, their availability is modified with a very easy to use restaurant control console.
The control console also stores all booking details and cross-references customers when each new booking is made. This gives you a complete database of your customers, without duplication or missing details.


The restaurant computerises its diary, and all bookings, whether online, telephone or walk in are recorded. Live table management allows you to plan out and organise your bookings. It is custom built for your restaurant and includes your specific booking rules and restrictions.
The system also records who is eating at the restaurant, together with useful information such as eating preferences, average spend, address, telephone number etc. This database is updated with each new booking, helping you keep accurate and useful records of your customers.