A World Class Reservation System in Spanish

Looking for a restaurant reservation system which works in Spanish? TELOS by Eveve could be the system which you have been looking for.

The Spanish speaking world encompasses some of the world's great culinary cultures, and many of its top restaurants. In historic Spain, restaurants such as El Cellar de Can Roca, Mugaritz, Arzak and Diverxo lead the world in accomplished fine dining, and Spanish cuisine has gone on to rival (and arguably surpass) French Haute Cuisine as the world's most distinguished. Today, Latin America now sports some of the world's best restaurants, including Central and Astrid y Gaston (Peru), Pujol (Mexico) and Mestizo (Chile). The region is also home to some of the most exciting culinary innovation anywhere, which is being replicated and imitated from Los Angeles to London.

It is fair to say that the Spanish speaking world is amongst the foremost in world cuisine, but in one area, until recently it has been a little behind the Anglosphere. That field was online reservations. Diners in London, New York or Los Angeles have been accustomed to making a reservation online at the top restaurants for ten years now. Savvy diners love the speed, convenience, and instant confirmation email which online bookings for restaurants offer.

Madrid, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, the Basque Country and Lima have some of the finest restaurants anywhere, and there is no doubt that the same dynamics behind reservations operate in those places. Indeed many Spanish speaking restaurants' whole businesses are based around reservations. Despite this, however, the reservation industry has been a little slow to react to demand.

No longer! After a successful year trialling its system in Chile and Spain, Eveve has now released its latest version in Spanish, meaning that for the first time, Spanish speaking restaurants can enjoy one of the very finest reservation systems available, in Spanish. Moreover, several of Eveve's employees are Spanish speaking natives, so support and installation is conducted in Spanish. Restaurants which want the best Spanish language reservation system which money can buy, should call our representatives in Spain or Chile:

Francisco Zuniga, Santiago, Chile: +56 02 29798115
Patricia Blazquez-Sanchez, Madrid, Spain: +34 639 111 934